THE PUSH-THROUGH (Or, How to Eat an Elephant)

I don’t know about you, but I have a TON of stuff on my plate.

I mean, I have a full-time job at work AND a full-time job at home (because, like most of you, I have a career and a family) ON TOP OF my life-saving creative outlets, namely making comic books.

And, as most of you know, I’m part of the PAGE ONE machinery, where we not only MAKE the comics, we do the leg work to get them in your hands.

Sometimes, I think I don’t have enough hours in the day. Or days in the week. Or weeks in the month.

And, to be REALLY honest, sometimes I THINK I don’t have the energy to keep it going.

That’s where THE PUSH-THROUGH kicks in.

For me, the Push-Through is that moment where I just want to sit on the couch in a dark room, wrapped up in a comfortable blanket and veg out with mindless TV – but I DON’T. Instead, I drag myself kicking and screaming to get something finished. Check off another item on the to-do list. Push through and GET IT DONE.

And look, make NO mistake, the Push-Through is HARD. It goes against everything your mind and body TELLS you to do. But, let me tell you how to dig deep and WEAPONIZE your brain against laziness.

Step One: MOVE. Just move. If you’re an artist, get to drawing, inking, coloring. If you’re a writer, get to writing. If your grass needs cutting, if the laundry needs folding, just GET UP AND MOVE. 

This is the hardest step, like trying to push a car. You’ve pushed a car, right? It takes all you’ve got to get it moving. But once you get it rolling…

Step Two: KEEP moving. I mean, you’ve already done the HARDEST part by getting away from your distractions and putting the rubber to the road. Now that you’ve started, KEEP MOVING. And like that car you’ve pushed, you’ll find once it starts rolling, it gets easier and easier to keep it moving.

Step Three: Know your STOPPING POINT. Set a goal for yourself and STICK TO IT. Recently, while fulfilling DragonRage, I set a goal of packaging fifty orders each night. And by taking small bites, I ate the whole elephant. I got all the orders packed in WAY less time than I initially thought by simply following the Three Steps to the PUSH-THROUGH. Having a finish line made getting started a WHOLE lot easier. 

So, if you’re like me and you have a ton on YOUR plate, find that extra gear and PUSH THROUGH. And before you go thinking, “Hey, where do YOU get off preaching to ME??” keep in mind that I didn’t write this just for you.

I wrote this to remind myself, too.

Hope this helps, and if it does, drop us a line and let us know! If there’s one thing about us creative types, it’s that game recognizes game; we know what it’s like to lose steam and need some motivation.

Much love and thanks to you all!


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Dave Philpott

Dave Philpott


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