Are you an aspiring writer looking to get your work published?

Well, look no further, my friend! We got you covered!

That’s right, the fine folks at PAGE ONE COMICS will give two lucky writers the opportunity to have a story penciled, inked, colored, lettered, and published! All you have to do is write your story; we’ll handle the rest!

So, where do you start? I’m glad you asked!

First, go read DragonRage: A Cradle of Embers. 

Next, write your story. We are looking for a five-page short story featuring Traego, the half-dragon bad-ass from DragonRage.


This is your scenario:

The kingdom of Cragmoore is a vast criminal network. Traego, being the largest, strongest, and possibly the smartest of the Cragmoores, rules over this land of corruption through fear and brutality. For all his ferocity, however, Traego is surprisingly fair and level-headed in his leadership.

In this story, Traego is at the tavern seen at the beginning of A Cradle of Embers. He is alone, simply trying to enjoy his meal and a drink. At the table beside him are two people who seem to be having a disagreement. One of them is a local who understands the way things are done in Cragmoore. The other is from East Bower, a kingdom south of Cragmoore whose inhabitants frequently trade with the Cragmoore criminal underground. The East Bowerans think themselves higher class than the Cragmoores, as revealed by their clothing and attitudes.

As Traego tries to eat his dinner, the two people beside him escalate their disagreement. A deal of some sort has gone sour, and they are on the verge of drawing weapons…

What happens next? The story is in your hands. You have five pages to introduce and resolve the conflict, so make it brief, but make it interesting! This isn’t canon, so the world’s your oyster.

What are you waiting for?? Follow the guidelines below and get to writing!

Submission Guidelines

  • This is a contest where you, the aspiring writer, will have an opportunity to have your work penciled, inked, colored, lettered, and published through Page One Comics. This contest is designed to give you the experience of being published and the subsequent exposure, if any, being published brings. By entering the contest, you acknowledge:
    • Page One Comics owns the intellectual property of DragonRage, including the settings (Cragmoore, East Bower) and characters (Traego) used for the purposes of this contest. Any characters created by you for the purposes of this contest also become the intellectual property of Page One Comics, as will the script and story concept you create.
    • All stories and concepts created for this contest are not part of the official DragonRage canon and have no effect on any current or future story lines.
    • Page One Comics reserves the right to publish or otherwise use the submitted work in future publications (comic books) and other media.
    • Page One Comics does not guarantee employment for any contest entrant, nor does entering the contest guarantee publication.
  • You may submit your script in any format you wish, but make sure it is legible and easy to follow. We recommend researching comic book script formats online for examples. Here are a few links to get you started:
  • The winner of the contest will receive five (5) complimentary copies of the published work. The published work will credit the contest winner as the author of the work, as will any future publication of the work.
  • The script must be no longer than five (5) pages, and it must follow the plot synopsis above.
  • All submissions become the property of Page One Comics.

Okay, now that we’re all clear on the rules, get those creative juices flowing and write up a script!

Send your submission to and put “Contest Entry” in the subject line.

The contest ends Saturday, July 10 at midnight EST.

What are you waiting for? Get ta writin’!

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Dave Philpott


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