Oh, SO Close!

Happy Sunday, boys and girls! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sleeping in on Sundays. And when I DO finally wake up, I like to get a cup of coffee and get right back in bed, sit up, and read. Man, what a GREAT way to spend a Sunday morning!

But not today!

Today, I am hard at work, wrapping up the final stages of fulfilling the comic you’ve all been waiting for, and I’m talkin’ about DRAGONRAGE! We’re crossing eyes and dotting t’s over here at Page One Comics, getting your mailing addresses verified and preparing your packages for the long journey to your mailboxes!

And speaking of which, a few things for you BEAUTIFUL people to note:

  1. Some of you will be getting an email from us just to make sure your mailing address is correct. We’re using an AWESOME postage and label service called Shipstation.com, and their little elves told us a few of your addresses don’t make sense! There are about seven of you out there, so be looking for that email so we can get you your DRAGONRAGE package!
  2. We’re doing our VERY best to make sure you are all getting a professionally packaged, TOP NOTCH product, and we hope you will all be ECSTATIC with your orders! But, if something doesn’t meet your expectations, you gotta promise you’ll let us know so we can make it right! We stand behind everything we do here at Page One Comics, and we hope we’ve earned your trust!

One last thing, and you HAVE to keep this on the down-low! VERY soon, we will have merchandise on pageonecomics.com, and you will NOT want to miss out on it! I’m especially fond of the snap-back ball caps with the sexy PAGE ONE logo! Man, it’s my FAVORITE hat right now! And soon, we’ll have all kinds of goodies for you to peruse! We’ll make an announcement soon, so be looking for it!

Okay, my Page One Peeps, time for me to get back to work, getting your orders ready for the big mail out! It won’t be long before you’ll hold issue one of DRAGONRAGE in your lucky little hands!



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Dave Philpott

Dave Philpott


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