Issue #2 UPDATE!

The Bloody Fate of Kings

What’s up, Page Onesies! Dave here with a quick update on Issue Numero Two-o of your new favorite comic, DragonRage! 

Yesterday I finished up the script on Issue Two, titled DragonRage: The Bloody Fate of Kingsand it’s gonna be HEFTY! We’re looking at 32 whopping pages of story this time around, folks! And, man, is it ever PACKED!

Wanna get a little INSIDE SCOOP on what it’s about? All right, just don’t tell Jimmy I’m doing this! Hush-hush, my friends!

In DragonRage: A Cradle of Embers (available until June 3rd on Indiegogo; GET IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!) we saw Traego preparing his men for a trek to Black Cliff; turns out there’s talk of a DRAGON in them-there parts! Now, he’s in Black Cliff, and he may have bitten off more than he can chew! And for a dude that’s like seven feet tall and half dragon, I’m betting he can chew a LOT.

You’ll get to meet the Pythoness and see her relationship to the King of Dragons. You’ll learn some of the history of dragons and humans and when their relationship began to break down. And you’ll get to see a sneak peak at THE most terrifying dragon that EVER LIVED!

And did I mention? It also features the star of the show, Nuri, handing out an EPIC beat down that you won’t want to miss! There’ll be blood and guts and teeth, hair, and eyeballs all over the place! Fun for the whole family!

You can follow us at for more updates on Issue Two, so check there frequently. I can’t wait for you guys and gals to read it!

We’re pulling the plug on our SECOND CHANCE campaign this week, so tell your family, tell your friends, tell the people you really don’t like (but still act like you do)! Done means done, and we’re done on June 3rd! GET IT NOW!

Much love and thanks to you all!


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Dave Philpott

Dave Philpott


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