Another One Done

That’s right, Page Onesies! Your favorite comic book publisher, Page One Comics, completed fulfillment on the Second Chance campaign for DragonRage: A Cradle of Embers! And, boy, did we put the heel to the steel on this one!

We wrapped up the campaign on June 3rd, and here we are, a little over a month later, and your packages are in the mail! The magic elves in the fulfillment department are exhausted and in need of a well-deserved vacation! Somewhere in the Caribbean, perhaps?

Well, anyhoo, we made you a promise, and we delivered, because YOU DESERVE IT! You awesome examples of humanity chose to part with your hard-earned cash to support Page One Comics, and we appreciate you!

Now What?

I’m so glad you asked.

First, we want to make sure every single one of you get what you backed. If your package arrives, and something is wrong with your shipment, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. You can contact me at dphilpott@pageonecomics.com with ANY problems you may have encountered, and Page One will make it right! I contacted a few of you with address verifications, and we appreciate your prompt responses! A few of you still need to contact us to make sure we are sending your packages to the correct address, so please be sure and respond to those emails! Your comic books want to come home with you!

Second, those of you lucky devils who are receiving custom, one-of-a-kind sketch covers, your packages are on the way! The artists have shipped those comics to me, and once I get them, I’ll pack them up nice and tidy and ship them to you! (I want that Finch one myself!)

Third, now that THIS campaign is over, it’s time to look ahead to the NEXT one! That’s right, boys and girls! VERY soon, we will announce the campaign launch date for ISSUE TWO of DragonRage, titled The Bloody Fate of Kings! And I’ve got some tea to spill on THAT…

The Bloody Fate of Kings

Take everything you love about DragonRage and crank it up to eleven! It’s gonna be HUGE! THIRTY-TWO pages of story, plus a brand new back story (featuring art by Alec Obert!) and fan art! Epic fight scene? Check! More about the King of Dragons? Check! Jack being cute and squeezable? Check! I’m telling you, this issue is gonna hit SO hard! The artwork is a triple threat this time around: Jimmy Reyes! Jas Singh! And Gabe “Eskivo” Santos! You will NOT want to miss this!

No, I Don’t Want to Miss This

I know you don’t, so I gotcha, fam! Just check with us at pageonecomics.com and sign up for our newsletter. Also, join us on our livestream on YouTube every Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. EST. We are on Twitter and Instagram, @page1comics, as well.

That’s all for now. As always, much love and thanks to you all!

Dave Philpott

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Dave Philpott

Dave Philpott


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