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DRAGONRAGE Second chance campaign goes live in...


When we launched the campaign for DragonRage: A Cradle of Embers, we hoped a few people would back us.

In just thirty short days, we DOUBLED our goal.

Now, most people would’ve kept the campaign going. We aren’t most people. Instead of grabbing for dollars, we pulled the plug so we could get to work producing the best comic book we could deliver. Because YOU deserve it.

But then, a crazy thing happened. You guys kept asking for more DragonRage. And we listened.

So, in just a few short weeks, we are launching a SECOND CHANCE campaign to bring you all the delicious DRAGONRAGE you can handle! And, because you are all the absolute BEST, we’re making it BIGGER and BETTER!

Three NEW covers! A bonus SNEAK PREVIEW of DragonRage Issue Two! And we’re randomly giving away FREE copies of the super exclusive, no-longer-in-print David Finch cover!

DO NOT DELAY! Go to our Indiegogo Prelaunch page and punch in your email address to get in on the goodness!

The countdown has already begun…

We’re giving away Finch covers… FOR FREE!!!

If you sign up now, you will be eligible to win a FREE David Finch exclusive cover of DragonRage! We only have a few copies left, and we’re not printing any more! Sign up by clicking the button below to win this exclusive comic!


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